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Very Large Decorative Strong Box from 1867
Very Large Decorative Strong Box from 1867Sold out...Stunning Huge Marriage Chest!!! This is a very la...

Pitch Pine Consort Table with Slatted Shelf
Pitch Pine Consort Table with Slatted ShelfSorry this item is now sold... Pitch pine consort table with...

Polished European Original Metal 3 Door Locker
Polished European Original Metal 3 Door LockerSorry This item is now sold...This Polished European Origina...

Stunning Polished Large Original French Cross
Stunning Polished Large Original French CrossSoldout...Stunning Polished Large Original French Cross woul...

Pair 1930s French Leather Club Chairs
Pair 1930s French Leather Club ChairsSorry, these chairs are now sold.This is a stunning pair of ...

Large French Jesus Statue
Large French Jesus StatueSoldout...Large French Jesus Statue...This is an original Fr...

Blue 'Mah Jong' Woodburning Stove
Blue Sorry this item is now sold..This pretty French 'Mah Jong" w...


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Antique and Salvage Sales
    >> Vancouver: Architectural
Antique Fairs
    >> SALVO Fair - Trade Day
    >> SALVO Fair
    >> Olympia Antiques Fair - London
    >> Newark Antiques Fair - UK
    >> Battersea Decorative Antiques Fair - London
    >> Newark Antiques Fair - UK
    >> Salvo Fair 2011 - Architectural Antiques and Vintage Items from Reclamation Warriors
    >> French Reclamation at Salvo Fair 2011 - An annual exhibition of architectural salvage, garden antiques and reclaimed building materials
    >> Salvo Fair 2011
    >> Ardingly Antique Fairs - 2012
    >> The Art of Contemporary Artists Martin Wallace & Darius Smith at the Bath Decortive & Antiques Fair
    >> Bygones Auction - Gaze
General Info
    >> Upcycling & Recycling - Buying antiques and vintage products
    >> French Reclamation & Water Mill Hoist
    >> How about this for a shower base?
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    >> Great Vintage Images
    >> Vintage Terracotta Pots - Have Arrived in Time for Spring!
    >> Glass Demijohns, Carboys
    >> Terracotta Pots - Old Garden Pots - Shabby Chic Gardening!
    >> Vintage French Wine Bottle Drying Racks
    >> French Reclamation at 'Reclamation Warriors'
    >> Religious Items & Religious Icons
    >> Antique Copper Saucepans and Copper Cauldrons
    >> French Antique Beds - Cast Iron
    >> Vintage Garden Products - French Antique
    >> Cider Making Equipment
    >> Kitchenware & Homeware Products
    >> Shabby Chic
    >> Amber Demijohns
    >> Oak Framed Building Structure - Large Barn
    >> Antique French and Authentic Vintage Period Homewares
    >> Antique Glass Demijohns & Carboys
    >> Copper Preserving Pans
    >> French Antique Beds and Vintage Shabby Chic Cast Iron Beds
    >> Soda Blasting!
    >> Vintage Homeware, Vintage Kitchenware & Shabby Chic Garden Products
    >> French Weighing Scales - Vintage Cast Iron Kitchen Scales
    >> Cider Press & Cider Making Equipment
    >> Antique French and Authentic Vintage Copper
    >> Antique Woodburners, Stoves and Fireplaces
    >> French Wash Basins, Cast Iron Roll Top Baths and Shower Bases
    >> SALVO Fair 2011
    >> Upcycling & Recycling
    >> Garden Shabby Chic and Graden Antique Salvage
    >> Religious Icons, Religious Artefacts and Religious Items
    >> Vintage Kitchenware & Period Homewares
    >> French Reclamation at Reclamation Warriors
    >> Antique Copper, Brass & Metalwares. Water Pumps and Brass Taps
    >> Antique & Vintage French Weighing Scales - Vintage Kitchenware
    >> Antique French Woodburning Stoves
    >> French Reclamation and Antique French & Vintage Homewares
    >> Period Homewares for a Country House Style
    >> Antique French Weighing Scales and Victorian Weighing Scales
    >> French Antique Beds - Cast Iron Beds
    >> French Reclamation - Cast iron Cook Pots, French Cookware & Vintage Kitchenware
    >> Period Homewares and French Reclamation Products
    >> Great French Reclamation Items for a Country House Style!
    >> French Reclamation: Cider Making, Cider Press & Cider Making Equipment
    >> French Reclamation. Glass Demijohns & Antique Demijohns
    >> French Reclamation Products, Vintage Shabby Chic Items & Antique Period Homewares
    >> French Reclamation Products
    >> Authentic Vintage Items, French Reclamation Products and French Antique homewares
    >> French Reclamation: Religious Icons, Religious Artefacts and Religious Items
    >> Antique Cast Iron Beds - French Reclamation Cast Iron Beds
    >> Reclamation Warriors - Meet the team!
    >> French Reclamation - Cast Iron Cookpots
    >> Restored Antique French Cast Iron Beds at Salvo Fair 2011!
    >> French Reclamation at Salvo Fair 2011
    >> French reclamation includes: antique products, period homewares and vintage shabby chic items.
    >> Salvo Fair 2011 - THIS WEEK! Architectural Antiques, Vintage Items & French Reclamation!
    >> French reclamation and period homewares to create a Country House Style
    >> Authentic vintage and Antique Products, French Reclamation Items and Period Homewares
    >> Ringing in the new year!
    >> The 50% Winter Sale at Reclamation Warriors!
    >> Glass Demijohns, Carboys... new stock has arrived!
    >> Best Wishes for 2012!
    >> French Bistro Ware
    >> Save on shipping costs! New UK Delivery Service
    >> NEW STOCK Section
    >> MARTIN WALLACE Artist - Contemporary Figurative Art
    >> Steam Punk
    >> Pretty Restored French Basin
    >> Props for Film, Theatre & Photographic Shoots
    >> Now on FACEBOOK!
    >> Metal Lockers, Polished Lockers & Industrial Features
    >> Contemporary Modern Art - MARTIN WALLACE
    >> Antique Glass Demijohns & Carboys - ALL AT HALF PRICE!
    >> Contemporary Figurative Art - MARTIN WALLACE Artist
    >> Polished Metal Lockers & Metal Cabinets
    >> French Cast Iron Beds, French Antique Beds and French Vintage Beds add character any bedroom
    >> Wonderful Antique French Woodburning Stoves, Wood Burners and Fireplaces
    >> MARTIN WALLACE - Contemporary Artist
    >> Upcycling & Recycling at Reclamation Warriors
    >> French Reclamation at Reclamation Warriors - Antique Items, Period Homewares and Vintage Shabby Chic Items
    >> Save on Delivery Costs - Our UK Delivery Service
    >> French Period Homewares to create a Country House Style
    >> Religious Icons, Religious Artefacts & Religious Items
    >> Save on Delivery Costs - from 50 to the UK
    >> French Reclamation at Reclamation Warriors
    >> MARTIN WALLACE Artist - Modern Art
    >> Glass Demijohns - All at Half Price!
    >> Metal Lockers, Polished Lockers and Metal Cabinets
    >> French Leather Club Chairs - Fabulous Style!
    >> French Leather Club Chairs!
    >> Polished Metal Lockers and Metal Cabinets
    >> Glass Demijohns at Reclamation Warriors!
    >> Genuine French Leather Club Chairs
    >> French Reclamation & French Antiques
    >> The Artist MARTIN WALLACE
    >> French Antique Woodburning Stoves, Wood Burners and Fireplaces
    >> French Cast Iron Beds, French Antique Beds & French Vintage Beds
    >> Original Vintage Metal Lockers & Metal Cabinets
    >> French Bottle Drying Racks
    >> French Shabby Chic!
    >> French Leather Club Chairs
    >> The Figurative Artist MARTIN WALLACE
    >> Metal Lockers & Metal Cabinets
    >> French Reclamation
    >> French Leather Club Chairs from Reclamation Warriors
    >> French Reclamation Products from Reclamation Warriors
    >> French Glass Demijohns at Reclamation Warriors
    >> French Reclamation | Vintage & Antique Entrance Gates at Reclamation Warriors
    >> French Reclamation - the Reclamation Warriors way!
    >> Vintage Metal Lockers & Traditional Metal Cabinets
    >> Religious Statues, Large Metal Crosses and Crucifixes
    >> Leather Club Chairs and Farmhouse Furniture from Reclamation Warriors
    >> Authentic, Antique French Metal Framed Beds
    >> Live Messaging on the Reclamation Warriors site!
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    >> French Vintage Metal Lockers & Cabinets at Reclamation Warriors
    >> Antique Metal Lockers & Vintage Metal Cabinets
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    >> New Stock - French Antique Metal Lockers & Vintage Metal Cabinets
    >> SalvoWEB - A great website for lovers of reclamation, antiques & salvage
    >> RECLAMATION WARRIORS VIDEO - Watch our video on YouTube
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