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Very Large Decorative Strong Box from 1867
Very Large Decorative Strong Box from 1867Sold out...Stunning Huge Marriage Chest!!! This is a very la...

Pitch Pine Consort Table with Slatted Shelf
Pitch Pine Consort Table with Slatted ShelfSorry this item is now sold... Pitch pine consort table with...

Polished European Original Metal 3 Door Locker
Polished European Original Metal 3 Door LockerSorry This item is now sold...This Polished European Origina...

Stunning Polished Large Original French Cross
Stunning Polished Large Original French CrossSoldout...Stunning Polished Large Original French Cross woul...

Pair 1930s French Leather Club Chairs
Pair 1930s French Leather Club ChairsSorry, these chairs are now sold.This is a stunning pair of ...

Large French Jesus Statue
Large French Jesus StatueSoldout...Large French Jesus Statue...This is an original Fr...

Blue 'Mah Jong' Woodburning Stove
Blue Sorry this item is now sold..This pretty French 'Mah Jong" w...


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Based in the Mayenne region of northern France, two hours from Paris,
we source French antiques, vintage and reclamation products
from all around France.
Our Service Promise
. We welcome our customers to contact us for further
information on any product,
and we will happily
provide further photos if you require.
. We take great care in packing and transporting all products.
. We respond and resolve any problems immediately.
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Meet some of the team!
Welcome to 'Squeaky-Suze"
The Latest Reclamation Warrior Team Member
The Apprentice
Profile: Squeaky has only recently joined the team after we dicovered a skill-gap in our organisation. Recruited as a junior apprentice, Squeaky is now in full time training to fullfil her mission to become a Senior Strategic Partner. Working closely under the Customer Relations Manager, she is finding it a challenge to maintain the high levels of concentration required. However, she is a natural risk taker who is currently doing a lot of blue sky thinking, and we hope over the coming months she will achieve her potential and work on a more strategic level.
Duties: This role involves a wide range of duties. Once in-house training is completed, her planned future roles will inlcude: loading the van, re-roofing the stock room, end of year tax returns and tea making.


Relations Manager
Ciwen the Jack Russell

Profile: Our Customer Relations Manager is Ciwen, one of the principal players in ensuring client satisfaction.
Highly focused, Ciwen has gained wide experience in customer relations though her network of valued clients.
Expertise: Offers advise on ancient bones and antique fossilised remains (specialities include spiders and mice).
Duties: Client meet and greets, reviewing the management performance and supporting the executives in their management performance of the business whilst monitoring their conduct.
Quality Control Team
TopCat & Dino
Profile: TopCat and Dino take their responsibilites as quality control team members extremely seriously. Often working the night shifts, this team are relentlesss in their purrsuit for purrfection.
Expertise: Both offer expert advice on antique and vintage beds, bedding and matresses. A high level of knowledge in the thermo-efficiency of antique woodburning stoves and traditional cast iron radiators.
Duties: Yet to be ascertained.
Head of Research & Development
Charlotte the Kune-Kune Pig
Charlotte has recently been promoted to head of R&D. This is very much a part-time position, but working alongside her sister Emily, these two manage a few hours everyday researching their field for apples, acorns and bugs and developing massive craters and holes.
Expertise in cider making, from their vantage point in the orchard. Can offer advice on the collecting of apples and both are experts on the cubic capacity of vintage granite troughs.
Catering Manager
Marigold the Bantam Hen
Our business marches best on a full stomach, so Marigold, as the Catering Manager, fullfills a key role in the company.
Scrambled, boiled and poached eggs. Chicken Kiev and Cock-au-Vin by special arrangement only.
Head Foreman
Sergeant Bilko the Cockerel
Profile: As Head Foreman, Sergent Bilko keeps a strict control over all at Reclamation Warriors. He has naturally strong leadership skills and has developed a range of strategies to ensure that all team members are working to maximum capacity. He demands that the team remain organised and disciplined, whilst guaranteeing that quality is built into all that we do.
Expertise: An experienced tester of all vintage gates, gateposts and vertical beams.
Duties: Roll call, clocking-in and time management.
Head of Security
Gertie the Goose
Profile: An employee with extreme duty responsibilities, gertie and her team of professionals take their duties as security managers extremely seriously. An expert in on-site security and compliance awareness, gertie ensures that all visitors are screened correctly before admission and her team consistently achieve a high visitor retention rate.
Expertise: A specialist in a range of advanced guarding procedures, including her own personal high-security admissions system. This includes on-site surveillance, establishing the credentials of all visitors and crowd control.
Please Note: In accordance with the latest protocols, her preferred procedure of 'kettling" guests has now been banned from the site.
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An ancient feudal manor, dating back to 1301

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